Access over 10,000 public APIs from Mashape's API Marketplace in Paw

Paw + Mashape, Access over 10,000 public APIs

We're excited to announce a new integration with Mashape, the world’s largest API Marketplace!

There is nothing worse for developers than tool fragmentation, and while Paw already supports API Blueprint, Swagger and Postman collections, and generates code for 15 client languages, we want to make Paw even more versatile.

At Paw, we love Mashape, as it provides access to incredible developer resources and unleashes the creativity of API developers by offering them a place to feature their work. Whether you want to integrate speech recognition, search for flight timetables, get the latest sports results or stock market quotes, there is probably an API for you on Mashape’s API Marketplace.

We are committed more than ever to giving API producers and consumers the best tools to discover and test RESTful services. Getting started with a new API becomes even easier, as one can now search Mashape’s API Marketplace directly from within Paw. Import the requests definitions into Paw with a simple click, and start hacking!

Open APIs from Mashape's Marketplace in Paw

One of the things we're most proud of is making API hacking faster, easier and more visual. While Paw lets developers manipulate an API freely, it's important to reduce the boilerplate necessary to setup HTTP calls and be productive within seconds.

Mashape also welcomes a new feature, as there will be a Paw button on every API definition — instead of copying cURL or HTTPie code, you can just choose to "Open in Paw".

Search for public APIs directly from Paw

Special thanks go to the Mashape team, especially Augusto Marietti and Thibault Charbonnier, for their amazing work at providing us with the necessary API definition API – how meta is that! – that made this integration possible.

Start hacking the weather forecasts, your holiday travel plans, spellcheck your user inputs or discover any of the APIs available on Mashape's API Marketplace.

We're looking forward to seeing what you can build with Paw + Mashape, and we would love to hear your feedback. Happy hacking!