Black Friday 2018 – Let's RESTlessly make the world better

Making a nice promotion on Black Friday has almost become a tradition at Paw! It's fantastic to see the buzz it creates on Twitter, how much people are getting excited about it, and how it's a chance for many to get the app at a great price! Obviously, it also generates more profits on our end. So this year, we thought, we'd do it differently: we'll do more.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be working on a product that people love. We're blessed to have wonderful users who spread the word about us and often share their excitement. As a company, and as people in the software industry, we believe we can play a tremendous role in today's world: it's a great power, but also a great responsibility.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in North America, a great time to remember to give back. Also, as Black Friday is an opportunity to open Paw to more people while driving more sales, we thought we'd combine both and use this as a chance to raise money for a good cause!

There are, of course, many ways that we can help to make the world a better place. There's probably no wrong way to do it. However, when we think of how we can get the biggest impact with limited resources, we immediately think about the Good Food Institute.

It is no secret that today's food supply in industrialized countries isn't perfect and is often unhealthy for humans and quite disastrous for the environment. Yet, eating good food is what fuels all of us; it brings us together, gives energy for our creative minds, and lets us live longer and healthier. Unfortunately, today's food system heavily depends on industrialized animal agriculture, which, alone, is responsible for almost 15% of greenhouse gas emissions (more than all transports combined, including cars and planes); on a local scale, it's also polluting land, producing unhealthy foods (antimicrobial resistance, cardiovascular diseases) and involving animal cruelty at scale.

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is a non-profit organization based in the United States that is committed to accelerating the development of a healthy, humane, and sustainable food supply. In other words, they bring together teams of scientists, entrepreneurs, food engineers, corporate decision-makers, and investors to help create yummy plant-based products and foster the research around clean-meat (producing meat from animal cells in a lab). Their mission is both to help for-profit startup companies and build a network of scientists and scholars doing open-source research that benefits all. GFI was part of Y Combinator's Summer 2018 batch, which shows how seriously their mission is taken among the most visionary investors.

All proceeds from this Black Friday sale go to the Good Food Institute!

We hope you'll be as excited as we are about this experiment. Bringing Paw to a broader audience while supporting an organization that aims to help the environment, human health and reduce animal cruelty seemed like the perfect match for us.

We'll update this page at the end of the promotion with more details. Until then, spread the word about Paw and GFI. Have a wonderful weekend 😍


Good Food Institute Inc. is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (1380 Monroe St. NW #229, Washington, DC 20010). As soon as this promotion ends, we'll calculate the total amount of sales, minus credit card processing fees, and will transfer the total to GFI.