A Black Friday Offer unlike any other

Last year, we tried the idea of doing a not-for-profit Black Friday. That was something new and unusual: giving all proceeds to an impactful charitable organization. We knew we'd keep this idea for this year, but wanted to do something a little crazier!

When a company sends a promotional message, it mostly targets its existing community. And a community, as great as it can be, is always limited. How could we spread the word about Paw and generate more sales to raise money for the cause we want to support? Here came the idea of a tweetstorm. What if we'd give Paw for free in exchange for a simple retweet? That would be a win-win-win solution:

  • Our community and then a broader audience retweets and spreads the word about Paw
  • We give the opportunity to many to get Paw for free (a really sweet deal for a really cool app, right?)
  • More people on our website means more sales and possibly more money raised for a good cause

We've carefully picked the two organizations we support this year, with one leading message: help fight climate change 🌎 We're excited as these two organizations match closely with our values and have been praised by Founders Pledge.

  • The Coalition for Rainforest Nations assists tropical governments, communities, and people in managing their rainforests responsibly. They are considered to be one of the most effective NGOs for their potential to offset CO2 emissions 🌳 Read the Founders Pledge Climate Change Executive Summary.
  • The Good Food Institute helps create a healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more humane food supply across the world. Founders Pledge sees them as a "tech revolution" that has a tremendous potential to reverse global warming by improving our food system (read the article). They are one of the only charities Y Combinator has supported (YC Summer 2018) πŸš€ And, they have the potential to help reduce animal cruelty at scale (see Top Animal Charities) πŸ™ˆ (Note: that's the organization we already supported last year)

By doing that, we hope to inspire more tech companies to do impactful campaigns!

Before you retweet us, take a moment to check out the latest Paw update. And psst…we have GraphQL and OpenAPI 3.0 coming to Paw soon ✌️


Thank you, everyone, for participating in our Black Friday offer. We’re happy to announce that our tweet has reached an audience of over 2 million views, we’ve distributed 3,087 free licenses, sold 606 licenses, and have donated $15,966 to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations and the Good Food Institute.

Photo by Bart van meele on Unsplash.