Create your own dynamic values

Create your own dynamic values extension (Screenshot)

In the testing universe, edge cases matter. We always try and fit in every possible user story. What’s the key to that? Randomness, variety, diversity. What if a user had made the API call with his exisiting email address? What if he had done it with an invalid email address? What if it had unsupported characters, how would the API have reponded then?

We would need to replicate an API request and change a single parameter to test every possible case, changing only a single variable. That’s where Paw makes it easier for you. Think values, think dynamic. By allowing users to install dynamic values generators as extensions, we make it easy for you to simulate and test random cases. What if a user tries an API during different times of the day? Simply use the timestamp dynamic value generator and it will generate a UNIX timestamp in milliseconds.

What about different usernames or number of feeds retrieved? The Chance.js dynamic value will take care of that for you: it can generate random strings, numbers, addresses or phone numbers... Wait, it gets even better. You can write your own dynamic values and contribute in making API testing easier for others too. See all the dynamic values available via Extensions to find out about the available extensions!