Paw 2.1 Extensions, Sessions, Environments and more

Paw 2.1 Extensions, Sessions, Environments and more

A year ago we released Paw 2, our first major update. Today, we are thrilled to welcome Paw 2.1 an update that brings even more power to API makers and consumers. We think you’ll be excited by the new features, but also happy to see many of your feature requests implemented.


Paw is no longer an app with limited features, you can extend its capabilities through Extensions.

  • Dynamic Values: either you want to write a quick-and-dirty script to compute a custom hash, or build a ready-to-use Dynamic Value to fit your proprietary authentication scheme and share it with your users, it won't take you long to learn how to build custom Dynamic Values.

  • Code Generators: generate client code for any language or 3rd party file formats. We cover most popular languages as open source Extensions, feel free to contribute!

  • Importers: import 3rd party file formats into your Paw Collection

API Blueprint Integration

Thanks to the support of the Apiary team, Paw can now import and generate API Blueprint files, made through the all new Extensions. See API Blueprint Importer and API Blueprint Generator.

Postman Import

We released Extensions to make Paw as flexible as possible, and we’re determined to prove it! Import your Postman requests and environments into your Paw Collections via the Postman Importer and Postman Environment Importer Extensions.

Many other features

Paw 2.1 brings a lot more features, including a full support for Cookies & Sessions, redesigned and more flexible Environments, full-featured JSON outline viewer and editor, OAuth 2, Horizontal Split View, and well…a lot of stuff you’ve requested became reality! Read the release notes.

Stay Excited

We’re just at the beginning of our journey through APIs. We’ve enjoyed the support of users at famous companies such as Apple, Zendesk, Expedia, Adobe, Paypal, Comcast as well as amazing startups like Panic, Storehouse or Code School, and are more than ever committed to build the best app to test REST APIs.

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