Paw 2.1 Public Beta

Paw 2.1 Beta

It has been such a long way to go! Since last spring, Paw has been incredibly lucky! So many fantastic users have shown their excitement and expressed how much Paw was useful for their everyday work with APIs. We would like to thank them all very much! Reviews on the Mac App Store are so positive, that's always a joy to read them, we truly appreciate the time you took to leave a few words.

There's no such thing as receiving just a Thank You email, but we actually build and improve Paw thanks to all the suggestions you've all emailed or twitted. Every idea matters, when it's about building a tool we want to be among the only few apps you think deserves a spot in your Dock.


It goes without saying that Paw needed to be matched with the new slick design of OS X Yosemite.

Paw 2.1 Preview of the design


Some of you asked for HTTP code generation for C#, Node.js, Java for Android, and dozens obviously asked for Swift with the NSURLSession API, or for an updated version of AFNetworking. It would have been impossible to satisfy everyone at once, unfortunately. So instead of solving many small problems, Paw is solving one bigger one. You'll now be able to write custom code generators, as Extensions for Paw. An Extensions Index will be available as soon as Paw 2.1 goes live, so it will be easy to look for what you need, and share your custom snippets with the community.

Extensions have been a huge chunk of the work on Paw 2.1, it required the redesign of a big part of the code base and rethink the implementation of many features from the ground up. You'll now be able to build your own Extensions of Paw using JavaScript, or some preprocessor like CoffeeScript.

The exciting part isn't much about the code generators, but the dynamic values. It is now possible to implement your very own authentication scheme, your custom hash or signature methods, or a new serialization format.

Import and Export features are also included with Extensions. We're glad to be working with the Apiary team on an API Blueprint Importer and Exporter for Paw.

Cookies (and Sessions)

Paw 2.1 will bring an advanced support of cookies, each Request can be configured to not store the cookies received, or not send them. Dynamic Values are available so it's possible to only send back the cookies set by some Requests (e.g. login or authentication APIs) while ignoring others.

Cookies are stored in Cookie Jars, you can have multiple Jars and switch between them as needed. It should be handy to keep a Production and a Development session, for example.


Since Paw 2.0, the Environments have been one of the feature you loved the most. So we decided to push this even further. Environments are now organized in Domains, you can have for example a domain called "Server" with "Prod" and "Dev" environments, along with a "User" domain, with several environments corresponding to various user data sets, like independent switches.


JSON has been rightfully praised for its great human readability, but there is nothing like a well-polished UI for editing or viewing your data. There are now custom Request Body editors for JSON, Form URL-Encoded (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) and Multipart (multipart/form-data), as well as a Response Body viewer for JSON.

This is just the beginning

For us, Paw 2.1 isn't just an update like others, we've rewritten a really huge chunk of the codebase to build a solid foundation for the app and make the next improvements easier. This also means that we are more than ever determined to pursue our goal, that's giving you the most delightful tools to make interaction with REST services seamless and let you focus on developing the apps you dream about.

Download Paw 2.1 Beta

This is a beta version, you must understand it might be unstable. You're strongly encouraged to backup your Paw Documents before opening them with this beta version.
Might not work on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, though this OS version will be supported by the final release.

Edit: This beta is no longer available. Please see the latest Paw updates.