Paw 2 Available this week

That was a long way to go! Paw 1 was released on the Mac AppStore almost 8 months ago, on March 15, 2013, and since then it only got positive reviews. I received tons of features requests from excited users who wanted to see Paw being improved to fit even better their needs.

The less positive review Paw got was complaining a little bit about the limited number of features. No doubt it was limited. I wanted to keep it simple: edit an HTTP request, send it, and see the result. Nothing more. It was just about adding a nice GUI on cURL. But doing it well was already a big chunk of work. If it made developers save 15 min of time each day, it was sold. I needed to find where are the biggest pains, and fix them. Simply adding a great text completion, the ability to save and version the tests on GIT, coloring JSON responses, and exporting to cURL was a good start for Paw.

Mac AppStore Screenshot for Paw 1

It was finally doing well, and I see the number quite as a success for me. Paw reached the top 10 grossing Developer Tools in 36 countries, and was even first in 14 countries, including China, Hong Kong and South Korea. The US market is more competitive, but it reached #26 on March 18, 3 days after being released.

Now, time for Paw 2

Paw 2 was available as a beta, featuring most of the features that has the final.

Oh, one more thing, Paw 2 has a whole new design. Beta versions had almost voluntarily a very nerdy look because I want to keep a surprise for you :)