The future of testing REST services/APIs – Paw HTTP Client 2.0 Beta 2

That's now over 6 months I released the first version of Paw HTTP Client on the Mac AppStore!

I was trying to solve the lack of tools developers have on their hands to play with REST services. You may know the Chrome Apps REST Console or Postman, there are also a plenty of small basic apps on the MAS. But none of them were convincing me, mostly because I couldn't save, organize and commit my tests on GIT to share with the team – not to mention the UI and usability issues. I wanted to build a native Mac app, with a nice frictionless UI to send HTTP requests and see how they are doing. So far, I got many very positive reviews and dozens of kind emails with very relevant feature requests and suggestions.

But since then, I see a bigger problem. It's not anymore just a matter of writing static HTTP requests and see how the server responds, it's also sending dynamically computed content, often depending on the context – like OAuth relays on timestamps and nonces – or hard/bothering to manually create (like files hashes for S3, or values extracted from previous server responses). And why not in the future say what you expect the server to return – HTTP Status Code, or some value inside a JSON – to create your unit tests.

Last month I sent to a small number of users the first beta of what will become Paw HTTP Client v2.0. Now the beta 2 is ready, mostly bringing bug fixes and a few new features some requested by users. Still the design is far away from the nice polished skin I want to give it, and it still lacks at least a big feature I'm planning to add. But I think it's time to ask for more feedback on what I'm doing.

You can download it here: It's a Developer ID signed + sandbox app, so you're safe :)