Why Paw 2.2.7 is so special to us

Paw 2.2.7 a bugfix version so special to us

Today, we are extremely excited to ship a new version, Paw 2.2.7. Why such an excitement for a bugfix version? Well, there are so many reasons why 2.2.7 is very special to us!

First, I'm thrilled to announce that Paw became a team! Ben — music addict and creator of Meta — has been working with me on Paw for some time (and a few releases) already, and now we became a tribe of four happy elves crafting your new API toy for Christmas! Matt, who has a background of Data Science and have done some low-level math optimizations writing JIT Numba modules, is now hacking for one of our future projects! Nuno for whom OS X themes have no secrets and has been building Flavours, is probably the one you should most thank for these improvements and who you should trust to bring a stunning dark theme to Paw in a future release.

We packed many fixes in this new version, but there's a clear emphasis on performance. Paw is built on top of Grand Central Dispatch to let heavy computation happen in dynamic values, while leaving the interface smooth (and take advantage of the multiple cores your Mac has). We pushed this further making sure the app will stay stable even in extreme cases. It passed all our key mashing tests.

All that happened only thanks to all the excitement you all brought to us: each tweet, mention, or purchase allows us to move a little forward – thank you! This will be the last version of 2015, and we're happy to say that already lots of things are planned for the next few months.

Warm wishes from all of us & Merry Christmas!

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