Paw 2.3 Keep it secret keep it safe

Paw 2.3 Keep it secret, keep it safe

Today, we are releasing Paw 2.3 Keep it secret, keep it safe, the first version of Paw that has a code name! We started to get confused by version numbers in the team, so we decided to find nicknames instead.

One of the greatest things being app developers is that we can work on very complex problems while deeply caring about the user experience. As the name suggests, Keep it secret, keep it safe has a strong focus on security and authentication, but we also took the chance to give Paw a makeover.

Paw 2.3 Keep it secret, keep it safe

It's our first major update this year, and surely isn't a small one. Firstly, it brings full encryption of your API credentials, network exchanges and cookies. We have carefully picked our cryptographic scheme and have decided to be very transparent about it: you can read everything about the techniques we use. We also made Paw safer by preventing users from unsafely copying sensitive data into the clipboard and prevented potential attackers from using a debugger to inspect the application memory. As a native Mac app, it's with no surprise that Paw integrates with the OS X Keychain to let you access existing passwords.

The next big things are SSL Client Certificates and support for all four OAuth 2 grants. These were among the most frequent feature requests we were receiving and they nicely integrate with Paw's new security mechanism.

Not forgetting that Paw is an HTTP client, Keep it secret, keep it safe brings a full support for hypermedia APIs: it lets you follow links, go back and forward as you would in a web browser and see the response history.

Lastly, as we would never miss a chance to make Paw more handy to use, we have added a JSON filtering field so it's easier spot changes between responses.

We are super excited to release these features and make Paw even more special. In fact, it's the only HTTP client with password encryption, full support for hypermedia APIs and all OAuth 2 grants!

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