Paw 3.2 · GraphQL + Support for macOS Big Sur

We're excited to introduce Paw 3.2 with extensive support for GraphQL APIs and compatibility with macOS Big Sur!

Paw 3.2 - GraphQL + Support for macOS Big Sur

We long knew that we needed to bring GraphQL support to Paw, but wanted to do it the right way. Of course, the first goal was to get the basics right: schema introspection, documentation browsing, auto-completion.

But GraphQL is a very expressive language. For example, it separates the query (or mutation) from its variables, in a similar way that Request Variables do in Paw. It was important to bridge these two worlds intuitively. You can hit the "Sync Variables" button, and Paw automatically detects those $variables used in your queries and creates matching Request Variables in Paw.

Paw - GraphQL Syncing Variables

This feature also allows you to use the power of Paw's dynamic values in GraphQL queries to extract data from previous requests, get OAuth 2 tokens, compute MD5/SHA hashes, and much more by writing JavaScript code snippets.

Paw - GraphQL along with Paw's Dynamic Values

And as Apple will release macOS Big Sur soon, we bring full support for it, along with some visual improvements and an updated app icon to follow the new design language of the OS.

Paw 3.2 New Icon

Additionally, we're bringing a few other exciting updates:

  • Support for custom parameters in OAuth 2, allowing the use of OpenID Connect APIs
  • Support for HMAC-SHA256 signatures in OAuth 1
  • WebP images (on macOS Big Sur only)

We'd love to know what you think about these updates! Feel free to contact us via email or Twitter. And if you want to help us spread the word about Paw, you can Tweet about this!