Come change the way we all develop web APIs

Come change the way we all develop web APIs. Work for Paw, in Paris.

We're hiring a software engineer, developer evangelist and designer, in Paris!

Paw has been started as a side project, after I left my first job as an iOS engineer and realized the lack of a good tool to play around with web APIs. The first version was very minimalist, yet already had a strong focus on design and usability. Features like completion, organization of requests and syntax highlighting were there from day one. Since then, new complex features were added, yet we remain a small team of two, with a strong commitment in details and a desire of making a beautiful product – despite the lack of a designer to help us.

We learnt that putting quality and beauty high, and building a project that we are using ourselves is key. Empathy in its most honourable way represents best our feeling towards our users: "Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing…i.e. the capacity to place oneself in another's shoes".

We also understood what was wrong. As we put all our heart in trying to make elegant interfaces, logos and icons, we found that we will never reach the level of perfection in graphic design and overall visual identity that we wanted. It has been often frustrating, though it made us more humble and convinced to start looking for the one who will add an artistic touch to our product. And the same goes about learning a new technology.

Lastly, we learnt what was wrong with our product. Paw has been often praised as a great HTTP client, but in our minds it’s much more. The problem we’re solving is API discovery and testing, and overall API development. Paw has become a centerpiece of the API development cycle of many teams, and we have the duty to give users always the best product possible.

Thanks to our incredibly enthusiastic customers including engineers at companies like Dropbox, Apple or Zendesk, and via tweets, publications on Hacker News and blogs, we have built a strong customer base and a revenue stream that now allows us to bring more bright people onboard. We’re convinced that a small team of extremely committed and talented engineers and designers is the key of success for Paw.

What we're looking for

In one line, we’re looking for a teammate and a friend, someone who’ll part of the adventure!

Paw We Hire / What We're Looking For

Would like to ride this journey together? Drop us a line! We’re based at the heart of the Parisian startup ecosystem, working from an effervescent coworking space. And if you know a friend looking for a new adventure, we offer a 500€ for referrals (for a successful hire, after 3 months of uninterrupted employment).


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