Career at Paw — Senior API Specification Engineer




At Paw, our goal is to build the best possible productivity tools for developers, and in particular, for building and designing APIs (REST & GraphQL). Paw was launched as a Mac-only application and has recently become available on the Web, Windows and Linux. It allows team collaboration via a cloud-based syncing backend. We’re proud to have Airbnb, Apple, Mailchimp, MessageBird, and many other leading tech companies among our most active customers.

Earlier this year, we announced that we are joining forces with RapidAPI, the world’s largest API Marketplace serving the fastest-growing community of developers. RapidAPI is currently over two million strong and still growing, by helping them discover, connect to, and manage over 20,000 APIs. RapidAPI also has an enterprise platform - the RapidAPI Enterprise Hub - which companies use as a central repository for all of their engineering teams to manage, share, and collaborate on their APIs and Microservices. The RapidAPI Enterprise Hub is used by dozens of Fortune 500 Companies, tying into their critical integration and digital transformation initiatives.

RapidAPI and Paw are built on a modern technology stack: React, Electron, Node, and AWS cloud services. We are facing numerous challenges on the technology side: using web technologies to create a native-like user experience, scaling a product to be used by millions of developers every month, and enabling the product to be deployed for Fortune 500 companies around the globe. We’re also in the process of unifying the products from RapidAPI and from Paw to build a single cohesive platform.

As a Senior JavaScript Engineer, your focus will be building the core of our product and base us on robust API Specification formats such as OpenAPI 3. We're aiming to build an API Client and Design tool that will precisely follow the OpenAPI Specification. Additionally, we want to make sure our product works seamlessly with other types of APIs, including SOAP, GraphQL, and AsyncAPIs. You'll be working on an exciting new product that will help teams efficiently work together on API projects. Think about it as the Google Docs for API development!

During these challenging times, we’re continuing to grow as a company. RapidAPI has raised $60 million in a Series C investment round in April 2021 from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Green Bay Ventures, and Microsoft Ventures (M12). With its headquarters located in the SOMA district of San Francisco, RapidAPI was founded by Iddo Gino in 2015. You’ll join the Paw team, which is fully distributed across Europe.

Your role

We are looking for a talented engineer with a passion for hands-on development, working on a complex code base, accurately follow API description formats (and their specs), developing products with great UI & UX, and thrive to expand their skills every day.

We’re thinking of our application as three different parts: the core (or library) that holds the business logic (including the matching with API specs), the UI component library (our in-house tailored version of MaterialUI), and the application itself (which utilizes the two other parts).

You will

  • Work on a world-class tool for API development with an aim to deploy to 10M+ developers
  • Help us develop API tools that closely match API specifications (OpenAPI 3, Swagger 2, RAML, WSDL (SOAP), WADL)
  • Help us convert API formats seamlessly between all formats for REST and SOAP APIs
  • Work on modern API types such as GraphQL and AsyncAPIs
  • Be the owner of features and sub-projects
  • Deliver improvements and new features quickly
  • Help incremental improvements and pragmatic adoption of new technologies

You have

  • At least 5 years of hands-on development experience
  • At least 3 years of experience working on an API product (REST, SOAP, or GraphQL)
  • At least 3 years of experience with JavaScript (and ideally TypeScript)
  • A deep understanding of computer science and programming concepts
  • Desire to write clean, maintainable, testable code
  • Curiosity for and experience in TDD is a plus
  • Experience in working in an agile environment
  • Experience in working on a productivity app or developer tool is a plus
  • Self-driven, self-learner, builder, and achiever! You know how to get things done!


We're looking for very senior engineers and are paying above the market to help attract talented people. The exact compensation will depend on your experience and location.

Join Us

If that sounds like a great fit for you, send us an email to Please include:

  • Link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Resume (if your LinkedIn isn't really up-to-date)
  • Anything else you have in mind, from a pet project that you're proud of…to your experience with Paw or testing APIs